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2GM Tactics – Third edition

A strategic board game for 2 players, which you can play solitaire, and also with 3 and 4 players.

The game pits the U.S. and German armies against each other in intense combat in the European Theater during World War II.

  • Assemble your army: select the units that will be included in your deck during the game.
  • Deploy on the battlefield: your units are represented by cards, infantry, artillery, armor, aviation, as well as special cards unique to each army.
  • Play in either battles based on points or historical scenarios: destroy the enemy HQ or with victory conditions set by historical scenarios.
  • Manage your command points: they allow you to deploy your units on the battlefield. You can also equip them with extra equipment and capabilities, such as grenades, heavy weapons, medics or mechanics.
  • Master the battlefield: the position of your troops will help you generate command points in the next turn – don’t let them cut your supply lines!
  • Destroy your opponents: through a simple system, shoot, bomb, use mines, all the resources are valid to clear your way to victory.
  • Each card includes detailed unit information: firing range, penetration capability, armor and more.

    There is a strong army building component in 2GM Tactics. Optimize your deck to lead you to victory.

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