AI 100% Human

In AI 100% Human, you must choose and develop your Artificial Intelligence (AI)! Integrate new developments of every type (calculation, hacking, game…) and achieve objectives set by the Original AI to obtain the most powerful AI.

AI is a drafting game with a reserve and immediate scoring, all structured around building a tableau. Drafting with a reserve lets you better prepare your card combinations and chains. Since you immediately score each card played, the reserve lets you optimize your choices and place the best Development card, in the best place, at the best time. Your AI’s performance is measured by scoring various types of Development cards as they are played, in addition to scoring the Original AI’s objectives at the end of each round. Finally, at the end of the game, you will gain additional points depending on your AI’s specific features.

You will constantly face many challenges, both in terms of creating chains and timing card placement. After two rounds, the player with the most powerful Artificial Intelligence wins the game.

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Portada AI 100% Human

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