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Welcome to CastleUp, a game where you journey back to the Middle Ages. Here, 2 to 4 players rule their own cities, building and planning to become the most powerful in the kingdom.

Every choice matters, your decisions shape your city and its future, and influence your standing among your fellow rulers.

Enjoy the fun of friendly competition and clever strategy, in a game that tells a new story each time you play, CastleUp is more than a game - it's a time-traveling adventure.

Key features

  • Immersive Gameplay: CastleUp provides a strategic and immersive experience, allowing players to plan, build, and rule their own medieval city. Players must navigate their way through three eras, each bringing new challenges and opportunities.
  • Visible Resources: No hidden cards here! Every player's resources and cards are visible to all, adding a unique layer of strategy and competition to the game.
  • Resource Management: Accumulate and strategically spend various resources - manpower, supplies, food, and gold. These are crucial in building your city, repairing damages, and activating special abilities.
  • Versatile Cards: The game features a diverse array of building cards from different eras, each belonging to one of four suits - military, merchant, civilian, and wonder. These cards provide unique abilities and contribute differently to your city's influence.
  • High Replayability: With its dynamic gameplay and diverse strategies, CastleUp offers a high replay value. The layout of the game and the strategies players use can be different each time, making each game a fresh and exciting experience.

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