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The Adventurers & Monsters 28mm plastic miniatures edition

Many of you already know us, we are very passionate about miniatures, board games and role-playing games. Juegorama makes and designs amazing miniatures with incredible poses, and we have several successful Kickstarter campaigns behind us and a lot of experience with miniatures.

For this reason, we wanted to develop a line of miniatures focusing entirely on the production of high quality, highly detailed, plastic miniatures that be used in roleplaying games, tabletop miniatures games or wargames.

And the best part is that we will also use this box of miniatures for future board games, as well as role-playing games ... why not? They are incredible sculptures at an incredible price! Who wouldn't love this?

For this reason we launch The Adventurers & Monsters plastic 28mm miniatures edition with our entire range of miniatures and new models as well.

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Portada The Adventurers & Monsters 28mm plastic miniatures edition

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