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Under the Eagle - ONUS!

After the great success of the ONUS! system and its latest installment Traianus, comes the long awaited expansion based on the popular novels by Simon Scarrow, the Eagles of the Empire series.
Simon Scarrow's Eagle book series takes us back to the times when Claudius was emperor in Rome, from with the invasion of Britannia, through the adventures of the characters: Macro and Cato.
With this expansion of ONUS! you will live in first person the battles of the books, in command of Roman troops or the enemies of the Empire, from skirmishes of a few men to large armies, even playing alone!
The Eagle expansion features new rules for the use of characters (in addition to generals), stockades, assaults, limited visibility and much more.
It includes the main battle scenes of the first three books, starting on the border of the Rhine River against a tribe of Germanic warriors, suffering an ambush in Gaul escorting the imperial secretary, or decisive battles in the conquest of Britannia. And as an exclusive gift for backing this campaign, you get the scenario featured in the prologue of the first book, many years earlier, with Julius Caesar.
Under the Eagle includes units, characters and markers, but you will need one of the base games, ONUS! Traianus or ONUS! Pack, to play with this expansion.

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