KickandGo Pledge Manager
KickandGo Pledge Manager

Kick&Go Pledge Manager K&G PLEDGE MANAGER Kick&Go Pledge Manager

Adapted to your project

The most complete tool to communicate with your backers.

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Our keys

We want to stand out for our commitment to you and our personal attention from the very beginning. We know the time, effort and money that is invested in crowdfunding campaigns and we want to reciprocate with dedication and passion to match.

Improve the results of your campaign

Kick&Go Pledge Manager

Increase your income

We´ll create an attractive Late Pledge for free so that you can continue to attract new backers from day one.

Kick&Go Pledge Manager

Take your campaign to our backers

Thousands of active backers who have already participated in dozens of campaigns willing to participate in new projects.

Kick&Go Pledge Manager

Highest coverage possible

We will feature you in all our social networks to give the broadest possible exposure to your product.

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Everything you will find

The most important thing for us is your product and we want to make it easy for you and your backers. We offer you maximum convenience, total accessibility to our staff and all our experience to maximize the benefits of your campaign.

Kick&Go Pledge Manager

Support from day one

Starting from the pre-campaign prior to your crowdfunding

Kick&Go Pledge Manager

We adapt the pledge to your needs

Upgrades, downgrades, shipping costs, taxes, invoices, …

Follow your campaign in real time

Statistics, customer profile, mailing management, ...

Simple and convenient for your backers

Easy, intuitive, step-by-step guided purchasing

We work with your media agency

We´ll support their needs

Kick&Go Pledge Manager

Optional custom developments

Discount coupons, free add-ons, special offers, …

Availability of WebServices/APIs

Custom integration for what you need

Communicate with your backers

Integrated mailing campaigns, monitoring, reception and opening of all communications

Segmentation and tracking of your backers

We tag all the backers according to your needs for full traceability

Comprehensive stats

Real-time access to all the activity of your campaign and more, you will be amazed

Detailed reports and extracts

Tax reports, order lists for picking, extracts for logistics operators, ...

Integration with crowdfunding platforms

We take care of uploading all the information of your backers and your contacts

Tools for digital products

Content download, license delivery, limited or recurring access control

Preorder system

Option to print after achieving a set goal. The D500 made for you!

We are not the only ones excited satisfied happy pleased about Kick & Go...