2GM Tactics: France & Total War

FIGHT IN WORLD WAR II! Our successful wargame returns with two new expansions. The conflict that devastated Europe reached every corner of the globe. It's time to join the fight, commander, our allies are calling for us. Two new expansions join 2GM Tactic

AI 100% Human

In AI 100% Human, you must choose and develop your Artificial Intelligence (AI)! Integrate new developments of every type (calculation, hacking, game…) and achieve objectives set by the Original AI to obtain the most powerful AI.

Castle Up

Welcome to CastleUp, a game where you journey back to the Middle Ages. Here, 2 to 4 players rule their own cities, building and planning to become the most powerful in the kingdom.
Every choice matters, your decisions shape your city and its future, an

Massive Darkness 2 - Hellscape

Massive Darkness 2: Hellscape puts players in the role of Lightbringers seeking to defeat the Darkness. The different classes each play differently, giving players new options and challenge in each game. The different dungeon scenarios will test your mett

Expansions Warfighter 4th Wave

2 new expansions and 4 reprints, to add more depth to your Warfighter World War 2 games. Get the new expansions United Kingdom 1 and 2, with new soldiers, weapons and hostiles, which you can use as a player or as enemies.

ONUS! Triumviratus

Triumviratus is a versatile expansion of the ONUS! series that gives you the opportunity to take command of the armies of Gaius Iulius Caesar, Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, Marcus Licinius Crassus and the civitates of Gaul, as well as an extensive selection of

Stalingrad Roads

Stalingrad Roads pits 2 players against each other in the winter campaign of the Soviet Southern Front. The game follows the pattern of its two predecessors in the “Roads” series (Liberty Roads and Victory Roads, published by Hexasim), adapting Nicolas Ri

Tactical Commander

TACTICAL COMMANDER is a card-based war game, designed to simulate World War II battles at the Battalion level, leading your companies on the battlefield.