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Historical wargame for 2 players that recreates the famous battles of Hattin and Arsuf, in which Saladin faced the crusading troops of Guy de Lusignan and then those of Richard the Lionheart.

SCOPE U-boot

Strategic stealth duel in which one player directs German U-boats attacking a convoy of cargo and escort ships led by the other player.

Harakiri: Blades of Honor

Cooperative campaign game set in a fantasy version of the Japanese feudal era. Up to 4 players on an adventure to explore a huge and detailed map.

Giant City

Competitive game for 2 to 4 players in which you must guide the giants and control their mood so that they destroy your opponents' squares and you survive.

Symphony of Seasons - Enhanced

A thematic collection of 75mm resin figures to assemble and paint for both painters and collectors!! Rrepresenting our particular vision of the sounds and music that each season evokes.

Skull Tales: ¡A toda vela! 2ª Edición

Semi-cooperative adventure game for 1 to 5 players, which will transport you to the golden age of piracy. Try to survive while trying to collect gold and prestige to become Captain of the pirate crew.

ONUS! Traianus

Fight epic battles in this miniature game without miniatures. Your troops are represented by cards on the battlefield, which include their in-game attributes as well as artwork in this historically realistic game system.