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Year 2054. Board games have been replaced by interneuronal games. Tentricks: A new form of entertainment with echoes of the past is all the rage among neurogamers. A fun challenge in which you will have to place your pieces avoiding the limit bar, or you

Temple of Horrors

Temple of Horrors is a game for 1-4 players with games lasting around 90 minutes. A dungeon exploration game that introduces new mechanics in this type of game, including its combat system.


This first game is dedicated and designed for children to indirectly teach them the importance of taking care of the forests and the beauty of nature, and of course, the game does not forget the enjoyment of adults.


Un juego táctico/operacional totalmente en castellano que refleja la campaña del Gobierno iraquí para liberar la ciudad de Mosul de las fuerzas del Dáesh entre el 19 de febrero y el 9 de julio de 2017.

SPARTA! Struggle for Greece

Thematic game on the Greek wars - you'll play as either Sparta or Athens and try to dominate Greece and coastal areas around the Mediterranean.

Closed Midway


In Furia en Midway you will have to use the planes of your aircraft carriers to destroy the enemy fleet, but first you will have to locate it!

Christmas Mystery

I am getting in touch with you for an urgent mission: this year, Christmas has lost its magic because someone has cast an evil spell on our village.