Frequently Asked Questions for Creators

If you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to assist you!

Do I need to register in order to launch a campaign with Kick&Go?

No. In other applications registration is required because campaign management is automated and they give you access to an administrator. At Kick&Go we take care of configuring your campaign based on all your needs. You will have an admin from the start to manage the whole campaign if you want, but we take care of the initial hard work.

To hire Kick&Go services, does my crowdfunding campaign neet to have generated a minimum income?

No. We support all types of campaigns. There is only a minimum amount within our cost of 4% of the billing within Kick&Go of €250, which is then deducted from that 4% if that limit is exceeded.

When should I contact you and decide to launch the Pledge Manager with you?

It takes us around 2 weeks to set up a basic campaign. Most of that time is dedicated to share what we are designing with the creator to exchange opinions and adjust the campaign until we get the ideal product. Most of the crowdfunding platforma take an average of 2 weeks to deposit the money from a campaign that has been successfully completed and to make the list of final backers available to the creator, so actually taking the decision at the end of the campaign would be enough. In any case, we recommend taking the decision as soon as possible, for example as soon as it is clear that the objective of the crowdfunding is achieved and that it will go ahead. In any case, we are always available, without any commitment, to answer any questions you may have.

How does the integration of the creator's payment methods work?

It is very simple, we directly use the payment method that the creator has available. It´s better for the creator and has no additional cost from us. We integrate classic payment methods such as virtual PoS (simple to hire at any bank and our number one recommendation due to its low commissions), Paypal, Stripe... Even if yor prefer any other payment method we could study its integration into the project as well, at no additional cost.

Which crowdfunding platforms do you work with?

With all of them. And we don't need to integrate directly with the platforms to launch a campaign. All platforms allow you to export the information of the campaign in a file. It is this file that we use to load all the information that is necessary for the campaign.

Do I have to provide you with my username and password to access Kickstarter, Indiegogo or the crowdfunding platform I have used?

No need at all. Other platforms do require you to provide this data to be able to integrate. In our case we prefer to maintain your privacy. All platforms allow you to export the campaign information in a file. It is this file that we will ask you for, in order to load the information in the campaign. This task is done by us too, so you do not have to worry about laborious processes or not being sure if the data import has been carried out correctly.

What configuration options does Kick&Go offer me for my campaign?

We can affirm that there is no limitation in Kick&Go regarding the configuration of a campaign. Not only because many of the options only require a correct configuration in our systems, which we take care of completely to isolate you from all complexity or concerns when creating the campaign, but because we have the ability to adapt to any exceptional need that any campaign requires.

Is the personal information of my backers used commercially in any way?

Absolutely not. The privacy of the information and the consent for its use is a very serious issue. The information provided by the backers is used exclusively to give them access to the campaign. It is the user himself who, once the purchase process has been completed, accepts the conditions of Kick&Go so that keep informed of new campaigns in the future. In any case, the user can unsubscribe from all communication if he wish so by different options fully available for them.

Frequently Asked Questions for Backers

If you have any additional questions and you can't find the answer here, don't hesitate to contact us!

Do I need to register in order to participate in a campaign?

You can access any campaign and see all its details, even add any element to your basket. It will be when you decide to make the payment that we will ask you to register with Kick&Go, until then you can browse freely.

Can I upgrade or downgrade the pledge? That is, change the pledge I chose in crowdfunding.

That depends on the configuration that the creator has decided. There are campaigns where it is allowed to change as long as it is to a higher pledge and there are campaigns where the change is not allowed. In any case, it is on the first page of the campaign, or at final in the basket, that the 'upgrade' option will appear if it is enabled.

If I have already made the payment, can I continue buying other products?

Yes. On the summary page that will appear with all the details of your order, you will see a button that says 'Continue shopping'. Clicking on it will enable all the options again to continue adding products to your cart.

How are shipping costs calculated?

It depends on the configuration chosen by the creator of the campaign, but in most cases the shipping costs depend on the weight of the products you have purchased. Both your main pledge, chosen in crowdfunding, and additional pledges or addons that you have already included in Kick&Go. Depending on the weight and your country of delivery, the system automatically calculates the cost. That is why there are times that, if you reopen your cart to continue shopping, depending on what you add, the costs of shipping will be increased accordingly.

What payment methods are available in Kick&Go?

Again it depends on the configuration chosen by the creator of the campaign. As a general rule, virtual POS, Paypal and/or Stripe are usually configured. All three allow payment by credit or debit card without having to register.

What should I do if I want to change something in my order, but I have already completed the payment?

You must contact the creator of the campaign. He will be able to evaluate each case and help you with whatever you need.

Will my personal data be used for commercial purposes other than those of the campaign in which I am participating?

Absolutely not. We are very jealous of the personal information of all users and in no case it will be used for a purpose other than bringing you closer to campaigns that may be of your interest. That information will never be sold to a third party. Your email will be used, always with your consent, to inform you of news within Kick&Go, never for any other purpose. In addition, within your personal profile, and within all commercial communication that you receive from Kick&Go, you will have the option to unsubscribe from the newsletter and oppose to any usage of your data. You have access to the details of our legal clauses in this link , which is also always available at the bottom of our page.